Vojislav Veljkovic

Assistant director for project
Business innovation center Ltd

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 14:30-17:00
DescriptionBIC is an economic development tool designed to help innovative young entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth and success. The purpose of BIC is to produce successful firms that will leave the incubation program financially viable and freestanding, usually in two to three years, creating jobs, commercializing innovative new technologies and strengthening local and national economy. BIC also fosters cooperation with the local University and student organizations especially in developing new programs, transfer of knowledge and networking, business skills trainings and provision of space and mentorship during internship programs for students and graduates. BIC strongly supports the development of Cluster organizations, particularly ICT through participation in management structures and joint project implementation.
Organization Type Other
City Kragujevac , Trg topolivaca 4
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      Green technologies