Vincent CIVITA

General manager
ARIA Normandy

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 14:30-17:00
Description“Together, let's build the future of our industry.” The Automotive Cluster of Normandy (ARIA Normandy) aims the development and the sustainability of Normandy industry activities. The cluster focuses on automotive industries, industrial production lines and tools, and Research and Development (products and processes).ARIA Normandy covered automotive industry. Now, due to automotive reducing business in western europe, the cluster is spreading these activities to other industries. ARIA Normandy has an important experience in automotive sector and would like to develop in other business sectors. Our priorities - An industrial framework constituted by SMEs, which are not always well prepared to international competition: provide him the means to be more competitive - SMEs with an insufficient diversity of customers: promote export - West European automotive market is decreasing: diversify the other markets. - The difficulties of the industry sector have an impact on employment, but job offers remain unfilled due to lack of skills and linked to a decline in young people interest for some jobs in the industry: : support recruitment, student interest and out-placement.
Organization Type Clusters
City Colombelles , 8 rue Leopold Senghor
Areas of Activities